My Hair Journey

Q: How long have you been natural?
A: I was natural my whole life up until a week before starting my Bachelor's.

Q: What prompted you to relax?
A: It was a combination of :

  1. Teasing  during middle and high school about "needing a perm", 
  2. Wanting "manageable hair"
  3. Curiosity about the hype given to relaxers,
  4. Needing to experiment with my hair. 

Q: What did your hair look like before?
A: Here are some pictures of me right before I relaxed

High school before relaxer

High school again, Decade Day. Can you guess which one?:P

Q: How long were you relaxed?
A: I was relaxed for six months (I relaxed a total of three times)

First Relaxer    

A-line Bob; This was when I first started making major cuts:D

Really started cutting. I did it myself:D

Q: How long did you transition?
A: I transitioned for 8 months before deciding to do the big chop

Begin of Transition: Pin curls

Q: What made you big chop?
A: I got tired of the two textures. My new growth was getting so thick! Every time I washed my hair dealing with the two textures was unbearable.
Second big chop( I wanted to see how short I could go. Go big or go home right?:P)

Q: How did you feel about very short hair?
A: I felt both good and bad; I was relieved to have one texture again and was excited to experiment with very short hair, but I also hated the short hair (I couldn't put my hair into a ponytail if I wanted ). I never had hair that short before and I felt like a boy at first.

Q: How did you get over the negative feelings?
A: I accepted the negative feelings as temporary and compensated with feminine clothing and pretty earrings.

Q: Would you recommend doing the big chop?
A: Yes and no; yes if you are not obsessed with length and would like to learn your hair inch by inch. No if you have a negative self- image and depend on hair to make you feel beautiful.

Q: For how long do your recommend transitioning?
A: It's completely up to you how long you want to transition, but 8 months is a good time to stop transitioning.After 8 months, you should have a decent length (about 4 inches) and a cute afro. You will be also be able to do protective styles if you want to at that length.

Q: Why did you decide to go back natural?
A:  My main reasons for going natural again were :

  1. Cost: I didn't like paying for relaxers. I only relaxed my hair a total of three times.
  2. Independence: I didn't like the fact that I had to rely on someone else to do my relaxers.
  3. Attitude: I didn't like having to be overly gentle with my hair because I was afraid of my hair breaking off in my hands.
  4. Versatility: I realized that I could do the same styles on natural hair.
  5. High Maintenance: the BIGGEST reason for going back natural was that my hair was making me high maintenance. By high maintenance I mean I wouldn't let my boyfriend touch my hair, I had to put my hair away every night, and I was always doing some treatment to my hair to stop breakage. I didn't like how having relaxed hair was changing my behavior so I knew I had to change it. I personally believe having beautiful hair doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.  
Q: You did so many changes to your hair and are back to natural again. Do you regret going through the journey?
A: Yes and no. I did wish I had more confidence in my hair before I relaxed and knew how to properly take care of it, but what I learned during my journey will always remain PRICELESS! I learned how to take care of my hair myself,I am no longer curious about hair cuts and relaxers and I learned to love my hair.      

Q: What are your goals for your hair?
A: Short term: I want my hair back to shoulder length. Long term: maybe mid-back length, but I'd be completely satisfied with shoulder length. I'll keep doing what I'm doing now and if it grows that long that's fine, but I'll be happy with shoulder length.

Q: What do you hope readers get from this blog?
A: I hope readers start looking at their hair realistically.

Q: What is the best advice you could give anyone on a hair journey?
A: Learn to love and respect your hair. When you love and respect your hair for what it is, healthy and beautiful hair is a natural result.