Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Quick Tip: Protecting Natural Hair: Autumn Edition

      It is now autumn ( for those of you who have autumn) and it is time to adjust my hair routine. When the seasons change, I feel that it is important to slightly alter my hair routine to adapt to the climate change. Here is what I do to my hair during the autumn months.

 Why the change?

 Although my hair routine does not change dramatically, I decide to alter my routine for the following reasons:

  • Autumn weather is generally more windy and less humid where I live. More wind and less humidity usually mean more dryness. You guys know I do.not. like. dry hair:P 
  • October to the rest of the semester is the time when school really starts to pick up and I find that low manipulations styles  work best for my busy schedule. 
What changes do you make ?

Very few.I opt for more "tucked away" styles and play with individual braids and other forms of protective styles more often. Other than that, I just wash and moisturize my hair as usual. 

Any final words?

As the seasons change, the weather may cause you to change your own routine. Embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to be more creative while protecting your hair from the elements. Pay attention to what your hair needs and act accordingly. It may be beneficial to ask yourself some of the following questions: 
  • How does the wind affect my hair?
  • How does the lowered temperature affect my hair?
  • Do my products work the same?
  • Do I even need to adjust my hair regimen?
  • Does a different oil/butter work better during this time?
  • How does my lifestyle affect my ability to maintain my hair?

Until next time!



  1. Welcome back. Ok, so I was wondering about glycerin. Even though I credit it for my moisturized hair, I am starting to notice that it might be the reason for my lack of definition when I do twist outs or attempt to. I think the glycerin makes hair so soft and pulls water from the air that it hinders a great twist out which I have heard is usually achieved on completely dry hair. I hope that I am making some sense. What are your thoughts on this? Also, why don't you do twist outs often? Just curious. Hope you are hanging in there ha.


  2. Hey there! Humidity in the air ruins pretty styles on its own anyway, but because of the properties of glycerin(likes moisture), the two combined serve to exacerbate the situation. You can counteract this by lowering the amount of glycerin in your leave-in, using more styling product, avoiding twist outs on extremely humid days(50% and higher), or a combination of the three.

    As far as twist outs go, I rarely do them all over my hair because they take a long time to do and I hardly ever achieve second-day hair(I sleep terribly!). Until I can find a routine to works with my busy schedule and my wild sleeping, I stick to doing twist outs on small sections of hair. Those are pretty much the only reasons why I don't do twist outs often:P