Saturday, 2 July 2011

Quick Tips: Oils & Butters

Below are the pros and cons of commonly used butters and oils.    

Shea Butter: 


Pro: This very thick butter is great for sealing hair in harsher months. If your hair requires heavier products, this is a remarkable  butter to try.
Con: There is a slight nutty smell. Not a butter to be heavy-handed with because it may cause build-up. It can freeze in the colder months and you may have to melt it. You may have to mix it with another oil or butter to make it softer.
Overall: To get the best benefit from this butter, don't be heavy-handed and add some essential oils if you don't like the smell. Great for colder weather.

Olive Oil: 

Pro: This oil is a good in-between oil; it is not too heavy and not extremely light. You can find good quality, inexpensive olive oil at almost any grocery store.
Con: I'm not a big fan of olives:P
Overall: This is a great oil if you like convenience and don't like paying a lot for your hair oils. Great for autumn weather

Grape seed Oil:

Pro: Extremely light oil. Perfect for those who don't like a lot of oil on their hair. Very easy to find at grocery stores or health food stores. No strong odor.
Con: Very, very light oil. It may be a little too thin if you have thick hair.
Overall: Decent oil. Great for thin hair and warmer weather.

Coconut Oil:

Pro: I wrote an entire post about this oil. This is a light oil with a pleasant coconut smell (I like the smell of coconut). Very low melting point making it easy to apply to hair. Can be solid or liquid depending on your preference
Con: Very low melting point. At any temperature below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it solidifies and melts very easily at 75 degrees and higher. Because this oil is very light, it is easy to overdo it. Some people report that it freezes on their hair in the winter time (I have not experienced this myself, but it's something to look out for)
Overall: My oil of choice! It is a light oil so don't go crazy with it. Because it freezes and melts easily, I think this oil is a great year-round oil

Avocado Oil:

Pro: Very light oil. Low odor. Good for sealing.
Con:  Not many cons except you may have to go to a heath food store or shop online to get it.
Overall: Another good oil. However,  I wouldn't reach for it at the store mainly because it didn't wow me too much.

Castor Oil:

Pro: Very thick oil. Excellent if you have very thick hair.
Con: Very thick oil. You may have to dilute it with a thinner oil to make it not as heavy.
Overall: Great if you have thick hair. Also great if you like heavy oils and like the thickness of shea butter, but don't like the smell or the idea of having to melt your shea butter. Wonderful for colder months

Jojoba Oil:

Pro:  Light and very much like the consistency of hair's natural sebum. Great for mixing with other oils and Shea butter.
Con: One of the more expensive oils.
Overall: I really liked this oil, but for my lifestyle, I didn't like how expensive it can be. Excellent for year-round use

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