Monday, 13 June 2011

Transitioning: Blending Two Textures

Can you tell where my new growth ends and my relaxer begins?
         So you have some new growth! This is great! This means that your hair is growing:D  You have your natural texture and your relaxed texture. Some people don't mind having visibly different textures, but if this bothers you, there are ways to blend the two textures.
        A lot of people who are transitioning have trouble blending the two hair textures. How do you remedy this? When blending the two textures, the goal is to make your relaxed hair look like your healthy new growth. You will be swimming against the current if you try to make your new growth look relaxed.
         The healthiest and easiest way to make your relaxed hair blend with your natural hair is by doing curly styles (such as braidouts, pincurls, roller sets, rag curls, twistouts, and etc). I will go more in depth in how to do the before mentioned styles later but the take away is : match your relaxed hair to your new growth. 

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