Thursday, 23 June 2011

How To: Pin Curls

I really love pin curls! They are a heat-less way to curl the hair.If you want to learn how I pin curl my hair, keep reading.

You will need:
  • Metal free hair ties
  • A moisturizer of your choice
  • Hair safe bobby pins (lots!)

  • A satin scarf
  • Time (to avoid using any heat, pin curls can be set at night and removed when they have fully dried)


Start by sectioning your hair into manageable parts with metal free hair ties

Start working with one section and part your hair. I usually start in the back, but I started up front for demonstration purposes. Do what works for you. 

Moisten that section with your moisturizer of choice. Just enough for the hair to be damp. Having damp hair  will set the curls better, but wet hair may take a long time to dry. 
Separate your part into smaller pieces. You can make this part any size. Smaller if you want tight curls or larger if you want more voluminous curls. Here I chose to do smaller pin curls. 

Putting the rest away, smooth your hands down the piece you are working with      

Place one finger close to your head 

Twist the hair around your finger until there is no hair left. 

Take your finger and stand it straight against your head.

Taking your other hand, slide the hair off of your finger and press the curled hair onto your head

Pin the curl to your head. This is what the finished curl should look like

Finished row

Continue until entire head is complete.  

Tie your hair with a satin scarf and go to bed

Take the bobby pins out when your hair is fully dry and fluff.

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