Saturday, 11 June 2011

How To: Moisturizing & Sealing

Natural hair is porous, meaning that water can easily enter and leave the hair shaft. People with natural hair must find a way to trap moisture (water) in the hair. A simple moisturizing and sealing routine does the job.

How to Properly Moisturize and Seal:

You will need:  A moisturizer of your choice and an oil of your choice

1.      Apply a water-based moisturizer to your hair. Pure water will work just as well, but feel free to use any product that has water as a primary ingredient. Note: your hair does not have to be dripping wet for this to work.
2.      Next, apply an oil of your choice to your dampened hair. The oil will seal in the moisture that you have just added. 

How Does Moisturizing and Sealing Work?

The chemistry of water and oil is what makes moisturizing and sealing effective for keeping natural hair moisturized. When moisturizing and sealing is done correctly, the heavier substance (water) will sink deep into the hair shaft while the lighter substance (oil) will rest on top. Because water is unable to combine with oil, you will have essentially created an oil barrier. Water that is trapped under oil cannot easily evaporate and remains inside the hair shaft, thus keeping the hair moisturized.



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