Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hair Purgatory: Not Long, Not Short

     Your hair is growing and you're ecstatic. It's too soon to go crazy with the styles so you start your favorite, never-fail style. Lo and behold, your ride- or -die style doesn't look right anymore. Your hair isn't short enough for your old styles and it isn't long enough to do the styles that you want to try.  What's going on and what are you supposed to do now?
         I call this phenomenon "hair purgatory". Much like purgatory, you are stuck between two points and the only way to get out of it is to wait it out. I know this is easier said than done because I was frustrated at this length!!!  I didn't have enough hair for a ponytail or bun and the hair I had could no longer be classified as a teeny- weeny- afro.
       While in purgatory, I experimented with new styles and techniques. I'll share these those below. Ya welcome!

  • Bobby pins are your friend! They are great for keeping those pesky hairs that like to stick out in place. They help make amazing fro-hawks, twist-hawks, and braid-hawks.

In the picture above, I just did a simple wash and go and pinned the sides up. The beauty with hair that is in- between is that it's long enough to where you can see your curl pattern (if you have one) and it's short enough to where there is not much tangling to deal with. Alternatively, if you don't want to do a wash and go, you can twist the middle section and it can still look great.

  • Rolls are awesome! When my hair was not long enough for braids, rolls were an elegant and easy alternative. I was not about to walk around with "Nick Cannon braids"!
Seriously Nick? What's going on?
My favorite rolled styles. The rolls were secured with bobby pins to make sure they didn't fall or come out of place.

I achieved the rolls by simply taking a piece of hair and twisting it towards my head, adding hair as I went, and pinning it to my head. Similar to a large flat twist. 

  • Don't forget about individual braids and twists. Twists and braids look cute at any length.  

Final Words: 
I understand how frustrating this phase can be in your hair journey, but if you are actively growing your hair longer, the purgatory stage has to happen. You can choose to be miserable or you can choose to be fly. Don't be afraid to experiment with your hairstyles and find what works for you.



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