Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Quick Tip: Moisturize

When was the last time you saw someone compliment a dry afro?....No, I'll wait...That's what I thought! It doesn't happen very often. Even if you know absolutely nothing about natural hair care, you can tell the difference between a succulent afro and a dry, crispy one. A dry afro is not touchable and  is sure as heck not envy inspiring!

It's kinda like having dry elbows and a cute dress. No matter how cute the dress is, the entire effect is ruined if you're ashy:P You don't want to be the girl that could have had a cute fro.The key to having an enviable afro, at any length, is to keep it well moisturized.

The best way to keep your hair moisturized is by making sure you use a leave-in moisturizer on a regular basis. By regular I mean every time your hair feels dry. You don't have to apply it every hour like a crazy person, just enough to have your hair feel bouncy and well-nourished. After a while, you will be able to tell, by just touching your hair, if it is at it's optimum moisture level.

 The simple fact is that people just don't compliment dry hair. Have you ever complimented a dry afro?....I didn't think so.

Note: If you don't have a leave-in moisturizer, I have a recipe for one:D

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