Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quick Tip: Cure for Damaged Ends

I made it large enough so you wouldn't miss it:D

That's right, the cure is a pair of scissors. You can hide or temporarily fix damaged hair, but if you want to permanently cure damaged hair, you must cut it. Despite what hair companies may promise  about "mending", "treating", "curing" your split ends or how much you want to delude yourself (I have definitely been there), damaged hair cannot be permanently repaired. The hair shaft is essentially compacted keratin fibers and has no regenerative abilities. This means that once the hair leaves the scalp, it is considered dead.

 When hair companies claim that they can remove your split ends without the mention of cutting them, you know it's either one of two things:

  • One, they know that the product will not do what it claims and just want to get your money. 
  • Two, the don't know enough about hair to know that the hair shaft has no regenerative abilities.

I'm not sure which one is worse. A company that wants to rob you or a company that makes hair products but doesn't even know the basics of human hair.