Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Basics: Human Hair Structure

 Below are some diagrams that I found extremely helpful in my quest to learn more about hair. : Note: I do not own these diagrams and they are being used solely for educational purposes.

This diagram shows the two parts that make up hair: the hair follicle and  the hair shaft

Hair Follicle: Living part of the hair directly connected to nerves and a blood supply.

Hair Shaft: Dead part of the hair that is visible from the scalp. The hair shaft has no nerve endings or supply to nutrients.  The hair shaft is composed mainly of compacted keratin proteins and can be subdivided into three layers: 
  1. Medulla: innermost layer: not always found in all hairs
  2. Cortex: middle layer : gives hair structure, color, texture, size
  3. Cuticle : outermost layer: protects the cortex and other layer from damage

Sources:  (picture)

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  1. You should consider putting more info about hair. You make this info more understandable than other "educational" websites. Thank you!