Thursday, 23 May 2013

Big Hair Syndrome

Big Hair Syndrome (n.) A crippling brain and hair disease that commonly affects people with big natural hair. Symptoms of this disease include:

  1. Affected ego.Thinking that you're the shit because you have big hair.
  2. Pretentiousness. Talking down to others who do not have hair that is as big as yours.
  3. Entitled attitude. Believing you are entitled to be complimented on your hair.
  4. Depression. Feeling depressed if someone else's hair is complimented when you are around.  
  5. Fatigue. Anxiously awaiting the next moment to show your superiority. 
What YOU can do to cure Big Hair Syndrome: 

Get over yourself. 

How family, friends, and strangers can help. 

Family and friends: Be understanding. 

Big Hair Syndrome is a serious matter. It severely affects the lives of your loved-ones. Although big hair is not a big deal for people with an ounce of common sense, having big hair means a lot to these people. Sufferers of BHS are often tired from looking over their shoulders and comparing their hair  to everyone else's. They are compelled to gain approval and pretend to not value it. It must be hard to be thirsty for attention and pretend to not like it when you get it. Have pity on them. 

Strangers: Try not to laugh too hard. 

People with BHS genuinely believe that their hair is better than yours. Poor. misguided. people. They think that they are the only ones who know how to grow big, healthy hair. These people are unaware of the Internet and the ubiquitous nature of cheap, natural hair products ( Walmart sells Shea butter now, btw). Your hair will be big and fluffy soon enough. The only thing that they have on you is time. When you are around someone with BHS, try not to laugh too hard at their buffoonery and  hum the mantra cleverly coined by Drake, " Fuck you and your time difference". 

We need to make the world more aware of the pervasive nature of this illness. The CDC reports that 3 out of every 8 Atlantians have some form of BHS. Share this post with friends and family and help people with BHS get the help they need. 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hair Product: A Cure for Heavy-Handedness

When I think heavy-handed, I picture a baby hand throwing food around and petting that dog maybe a little too hard. Pretty cute, right?

The reality is that whether or not I imagine a baby hand, being heavy-handed costs me money. If you don't like wasting money on hair products and want to curb your heavy-handedness, this post is for you. Below, I have compiled a list of suggestions that have helped me reduce the amount of product I use.

So, How Much?

Shampoo: 2-4 quarter-sized amounts.

Shampoo is intended to clean the scalp. Don't be distracted by how much hair is on your head because the purpose isn't to cleanse the hair. Running water and the shampoo applied to the scalp will clean your hair. Concentrate on using enough shampoo to cleanse just the skin on your head and you will see that you reduce the amount of shampoo you use dramatically.

Conditioner: 2-4 quarter-sized amounts/ 6 inches

Hair has a product absorbency limit. Anything more will just sit on your hair and be rinsed off when you wash it. Use enough conditioner to create a thin coat on your damp (not dripping wet) hair.

Leave-in Moisturizer:2-3 sprays or nickel size a section for every 6 inches.

The same reasoning for conditioner applies to leave-in moisturizers. The hair will absorb what it needs and the rest will accumulate until next wash day or evaporate.

Oil: 2 quarter-sized amounts for your whole head per 6 inches.

If you choose to use oil on your scalp (although not necessary for most people because of natural sebum levels), the same guideline for shampoo works here.

If using oil on your hair, the guidelines are similar to the leave-in moisturizer. You may need less oil because most moisturizers contain oil. 

Final Words: 
We mean well on our path to enviable hair.Being well-intended can cause us to go overboard. Remember that whether you call it excessive, beaucoup, or baby hand, heavy-handed can cost you.


Style of the Day: "Springtime and Unicorns"

I love Spring! Every year, I look forward to the pretty flowers, warmer weather, and lush greenery. I am a sourpuss during Winter, but when Spring rolls around, I pull a Neil Patrick Harris and ride in on a unicorn. Today's hairstyle reminds me of a unicorn.

In case you weren't sick of the cuteness, I added a braid to up the whimsy!

Lots of sunshine, rainbows, unicorns, an Neil Patrick Harris

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Swimming with Natural Hair

Swimming is my workout of choice. I hate getting sweaty on the basketball court, I feel stupid running on treadmills, and I can't stand lifting weights.

 I workout at LA Fitness in Atlanta. LA Fitness is the Mecca of in-shape black people. I pass the weights, treadmills and basketball court and see my fair share of black people enjoying their workout.

I go to my workout station of choice, the swimming pool...not a  chocolate bunny to be found. Then it hit me! I'm the only black person that I've ever seen swim at this pool. I am more likely to see Joseline Hernandez doing her squats at this gym (she has great form by the way) than another black person swimming.

There could be multiple reasons why not many black people swim at my gym, but to prevent hair being one of the reasons, I have compiled some tips on how to keep your natural hair healthy if you swim regularly.

  • Braid your hair into smaller sections. I choose two braids because they lay flat and make it easy for me to wash my hair when I get out of the pool. 
  • Wet the perimeter of your head to ensure that the swim cap stays securely on your head. Note: Some swim caps suggest that you wet your hair and apply conditioner. I have not had luck with that because the conditioner makes my cap slip off my head and the water causes heaps of friction when I try to take the cap off. 

  • Swim to your heart's content.

  • After swimming, wash and condition your hair to remove chlorine as soon as possible. The swim cap works to prevent the hair from getting extremely wet, but it is does not prevent all moisture from reaching your hair so do what you can to remove any chlorine that may have wet your hair. I buy another set of shampoo and conditioner and keep them in my gym bag so I don't forget. 

  • Dry your hair. Turbie Twists are amazing at getting my hair dry quickly. I take two with me to the pool  to dry my hair as much as possible before leaving the gym.

  • Cover your head. Unless you blow dry, your hair may still be a little damp and disheveled after washing. I like to braid my hair back into the two braids and cover it with my favorite hat. 

Sometimes, you just got to keep it a  little gangsta:P


Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year, Same Thoughts...about Hair

         I am not sure if I have outright said this, but I want my views on hair to be painfully clear. I am apathetic about natural hair. Yep, that's right. Natural hair does not excite me. Hair in general does not excite me. I think hair is an auxiliary part of who we are. It is an accessory. It can help make us look better or it can make us look worse.
      What does excite me is the learning process. I enjoy forming hypotheses about the world around me and debunking myths about said world with evidence. I became excited about learning about natural hair care because there have been many unfounded "facts" about natural hair. Because I have natural hair, I was personally interested in it and wanted to demystify natural hair. Natural hair, like the multiple other things I am interested in, is simply a topic that I wanted to learn more about.
       I started FroEnvy for three reasons. First. It is a means to share all of the knowledge I have gained about natural hair with people who are interested. Second, I wanted a reference point of easy to read, digestible information about natural hair where I could send curious naturals. At the time, I got daily inquiries about my hair and I used the antiquated method of "door-to-door" consultations.This was not efficient and I realized that a blog was the better way. Third, I wanted to offer a dissenting view on mainstream natural hair. I wanted to illustrate that there are people in the real world with beautiful hair who neither neglect their hair nor obsess over natural hair.
        I continue to write the blog because the three primary reasons for blogging still hold true for me. Eventually, I will stop writing this blog; most likely because I will have satisfied my curiosity with natural hair. Much like caterpillars and makeup, I will eventually reach my fill and continue with my love of learning onto something new.
        I write this particular post because of the flood of questions I have been getting about my hair and my thoughts on natural hair. The questions I have been getting seemed to highlight a level of miscommunication. Anyone who knows me understands that I value directness, truth, and for lack of a better word, "realness".
       So, here are my thoughts on natural hair. Glean from them whatever you like.
  1. Natural hair is overrated. 
  2. I do not like twist outs. I don't see the point of learning to love our individual textures if we are going to make cookie cutter "textures" from twist outs. Same goes for braid outs, pin curls, and Bantu knots. 
  3. I do not believe in the natural hair community. The natural hair community overemphasizes the importance of healthy natural hair. This goes back to the first bullet point. 
  4. I am excited for people who learn to love their hair. Not because hair is important, but because it a step closer to overall self love. If arms were hated on as much as natural hair was, I would be writing a blog about ArmEnvy and sharing knowledge about arms. 
  5. I don't care about other peoples' hair. All I want is for other people to be happy with their own hair. When people are happy with themselves, they glow. I love seeing that and it makes me happy for them.Other than that, I could give two shits about what someone else is doing to their own head because its not my head. 
  6. I do not have hair idols. This relates to the previous bullet. I don't care enough about someone else's  hair to compare/compete with them. I just look to make my hair the best it can be and disseminate  any knowledge with others so they can make their own hair the best it can be ( or not, refer back to number 5). 
  7. I don't watch hair videos. I used to watch lots of hair videos to gain knowledge. However, I watched the videos in conjunction to reading research articles. I eventually realized that the videos were not offering anything new so I just stuck to the articles. 
  8. I don't follow many other hair blogs/channels/forums. This touches on points: 3,5,6,and 7. 
  9. I rarely wear my hair in an afro. I used to wear my hair in an afro a lot when it was shorter. I wasn't taking part in a movement. I wore it that way because I liked the style and my hair just grew that way. Now that my hair is longer, it doesn't make the 'fro shape anymore and thus I no longer wear it in an afro...well, unless there's a lot of humidity in the air.
Until next time! Remember to have fun and make memories with those you love! (Speaking of which, me and one of my besties!)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Style of the day: "How Marilyn Monroe Felt"

Hey again! Today, I was channeling sophisticated sexy. There are few things more sexy than matte red lipstick, a well fitting pencil skirt, and a tasteful scarf. Maybe this is how Marilyn Monroe felt:P

The style: This style is just a bun with a scarf wrapped around my head. Great protective style and very simple.  Hope you like the style and I hope it inspires you to experiment with scarves this fall.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Style of the Day: "Va Va Vamp"

This style was inspired by the 1920s screen sirens! I was watching some episodes of Hercule Poirot and I felt like being *nasal voice* real classy.

The Style: I just rolled my hair and tucked in some bobby pins. What really pulls the style together is the hat. It has a comb attached to it ( I had to be really careful). All I had to do was find a place to put the hat to where it both suited the hairstyle and framed my face. At the end they're some vanity shots just because!